Crazy Cat Lady Slots

Most people know of at least one person that they would call a crazy cat lady, and that’s what this slot is about! The game shows off all sorts of different cats, and when you play, you’ll be looking at lots of loveable kitties. Each spin showcases young and old cats, and you’ll quickly get used to all the unique symbols that this game has to offer. We were intrigued by the theme of Crazy Cat Lady as well as the many different jackpots depicted at the top of the screen. Below is a quick look at the features and the benefits and drawbacks of this game.

A Wager Gaming Technology Slot

This slot is a creation from Wager Gaming Technology, which isn’t our favorite company in the industry. The games offered by this company are just okay in our opinions. We like that you can join a casino that offers games from WGT as well as many other companies as well. If you join a site that has this game available, you can play games from many other developers as well in most instances.

Easily Test This Game

It’s possible to try this game before you risk your money on it, even though it’s relatively new. If you want to know what the features are like, you can play using real money to get a better idea overall. Try this slot in demo mode, and you’ll start to get an idea of whether you like the game or if you would prefer a different game instead.

Win Four Different Progressive Jackpots

It was the four different jackpot values that convinced us to learn more about this game in the beginning. We like that there are four growing jackpot prizes available when you play this game, but you will need to get the jackpot cat symbol to play for one of these large prizes. This symbol is easy to get, and gamblers routinely win one of these jackpot payouts. Play for long enough, and you have a good chance of getting one of these wins.

An Adorable Cat Themed Slot

We can’t help but enjoy the cat-themed design of this game, especially when you look at the other animal slots that are available today. The characters are nicely drawn, and the game is cute to look at. We like the backdrop of the game and enjoy all the different symbols. We wish the game didn’t use basic card symbols for half of its symbols, but the unique cat symbols keep it an enjoyable play experience anyway.

An Impressive 100 Selectable Paylines

There are 100 paylines in this game, and they’re all user-selectable. That means that players can choose whether to wager on one line, 100 lines, or somewhere in between those extremes. If you want to enhance your ability to win prizes, it makes sense to bet on all the lines, but wagering on fewer lines will help keep your costs to play down. By offering so many selectable pay lines, this slot gives gamblers lots of different wagering options to work with.

Wager up to $200 Per Spin

We love the massive betting range offered in this slot. It’s possible to wager as little as $0.01 per spin while playing and as much as $200.00 per spin. Choose the wager value that you’re comfortable with and stick with that amount when playing. Both high-rollers and low-stakes players have options that they can comfortably use with this game.

Small Pay Values

This slot pays out small prizes on its paytable compared to so many other games that we’ve tested in the past. The maximum fixed prize win is just 4,000 coins, and that’s far less than many of the leading paying games that we’ve tried in the past. If you’re searching for the game offering the biggest wins, this one isn’t an excellent option. It’s possible to win frequently while playing this game, and that’s where this slot excels.

Double Payout Free Spins

Anytime you unlock the free spin bonus round, you will get ten free spins with a 2x multiplier on prize wins. That’s a decent bonus round, though there are certainly better free spin bonuses in other games. We like that the game can be re-triggered during the free spin round, and we managed to trigger another bonus round during a bonus round once during our test play session.

Play for Free Forever

Gamblers that want to play Crazy Cat Lady for fun can do so for free forever if they like. There isn't a limit of time on the demo version of this game, and you can easily reload this slot in demo mode as many times as you like. This mode isn’t for everyone, though, because there is no real money to be won. If you want to play for cash, you will have to load the game in normal play mode instead.

Try for Real Cash Wins

When you’re ready to play for actual cash prizes, you can load the game by selecting play for real money and play through rounds like that. You’ll notice how simple it is to play the game in this way, and you can get some seriously good prize wins when you play this way. Choose to play the game for real money and select the wager amount you like, and start playing from there. It’s simple and fast to play like this, and many gamblers have a good time with the game after this.

The Top Wins aren’t That Large

The best wins you can get while playing the game in this mode aren’t that large. If you’re interested in winning huge prize payouts, you should consider different slot games instead. We weren’t overly impressed by the payouts offered by this game, and that’s why we recommend other slots to some gamblers.

We Don’t Know the Value of this Slot

We don’t have an actual figure for how much of the money taken in that this slot pays back out to gamblers, and that’s concerning to us. Without a return to player value percentage, it’s impossible to say whether this game is worth playing or not. We felt like the slot was generous during our test session, but it’s impossible to say whether value-conscious gamblers should be using this game.

Our Slot Rating

While we enjoyed the theme of this slot game, we weren’t impressed by the prize payouts or the bonus features. We have to give this slot a 3.0 out of 5.0, and that’s a lower rank than we’ve given many other slot games in the past. If you love cats, this game is still worth a playthrough, but there are certainly other slot games that are more worthwhile for you to play.

Works on Android and iOS

Gamblers can play this game on Android and iOS devices, and it will work the same as it does on full-sized computers. It doesn’t matter whether you want to play on a small screen or a large screen; you can enjoy gambling on any device. The game functions in a web browser, and it’s an enjoyable game to play for most people.

Crazy Cat Lady is a good solid slot game with some issues. It’s cute to look at, and we love the wagering range that it offers, but we wish the game paid out larger prizes and that it had more bonus features. It’s a little too simple for some gamblers, but players looking for an easy and entertaining slot can have fun with this one.