Fire Hawk Matriarch Slots

There are few Native American slot games available today, which helps Fire Hawk Matriarch stand out above the others. This slot is pretty basic looking, but we were still impressed with its design and with some of the bonuses as well. When we spent time digging through the bonus features and perks of this game, we found many aspects of the game that we enjoyed and some other things that we didn't love. If you think this game looks interesting, it makes sense to take time and read through our full review.

Wager Gaming Systems Crafted

Wager Gaming Systems, also known as Wager Gaming Technology, is a popular development company and the creator of this game. The game, along with hundreds of others, is in the software library of this company, and it's available at many online slots. WGS isn't our favorite development company, but you can join many casinos with hundreds or even thousands of games, including this one.

Demo This Game

There's no need to spend money trying this game if you aren't sure that you'll love it. Instead, you can play it for free first and then move on to playing with real money later once you know that it's the game for you. The slot is offered at most online casinos to play for free. Try it yourself in Demo mode, and then swap to real play later on when you're ready to play for one or more of the prize wins.

No Progressive Jackpot Features

Many modern slot games come with progressive jackpots today, but this game isn't one of them. There is no progressive jackpot available to win at all, and you'll have to play for smaller jackpots that always remain the same instead. The tradeoff is that you can play this game at a huge range of wager levels, and you'll get wins more frequently than you would with most progressive jackpots.

A Native American Slot

This Native American-themed slot game has a beautiful sunset in the background and some uniquely created symbols. It's just okay looking, in our opinion, but we enjoyed the unique designs over the many slots that all look like one another. If you're done with the same standard graphics all the time, this game will feel fresh and new.

25 Locked Paylines

There are 25 paylines for this slot, and you could win on any one of them while playing online. You'll be betting 25 coins each time you spin, which means that your wager value will change dramatically as you adjust your coin value up or down. Some players like this, and others are annoyed that they can't turn some paylines off for this slot.

Wagering for Most

With a low of just $0.25 and a maximum wager amount of $250.00 per spin, this slot has a huge range of betting options. The game will work for most gamblers, and it's something you can get excited about no matter how much money you want to risk while playing online. You can feel comfortable playing this slot because there are enough different wager limits to accommodate most players. Of course, you should verify that you find a wager amount that you like before you move ahead with this slot.

Just Decent Prizes

The top prize in this game is just 5,000 coins on a single payline, which is decent but not amazing. There are games that pay more than this and others that pay far less. Consider how much you can win if you get prizes on multiple lines, and it's easy to see the real potential this slot offers you!

Fire Hawk Free Spins

Fire Hawk Matriarch has a free spin bonus round where some of the best prize wins are achieved. You get ten spins when you activate this round with three or more scatters, but the number of scatters used determines the prize multiplier during your spins. Three scatters get you a 2x multiplier, four scatters get you a 5x multiplier, and five scatters leave you with a stunning 10x multiplier on each of your spins. The best part of this feature is that you can continue to trigger additional free spins, and your multiplier will either stay the same or get larger depending on how many scatters you get to re-trigger the additional bonus. That means you could keep 10x free spins going while only getting three scatter symbols, and that's a very powerful feature to note!

Swap Between Real Money and Free Play Fast

It's quick and convenient for you to change between the free-play and real play versions of this slot game as you go through one round after another. To swap modes, you load the game again and choose the mode you want. It takes seconds to go from playing in free play to real play or the other way around, and there is no time limit in either of the different modes.

Big Winners are Possible

This slot doesn't seem very exciting when considering the base win of just 4,000 coins per line. Things get really interesting when you unlock the free spin round with a 10x multiplier, though. That means you could win up to 40,000 coins per payline with the biggest prize payout, and that could be an incredibly big win!

A Good Value Game

We were impressed that this slot gives out more than 96% of the money from gamblers back as prizes. With an approximate return value of 96.5%, this game is a better deal than many other slot games and is worth trying just for that reason, even before we consider the other features offered here.

Crafted for Mobile Gamblers

Many gamblers prefer to use tablets or smartphones to enjoy mobile games today. There are many different devices to play on today, and gamblers skip over games that require them to play on computers alone. This game works on Android and iOS devices and doesn't require an app download to play. That's good news for gamblers and makes it convenient to play the many different games offered at WGS casinos, including this one.

Honestly Rating this Game

We were impressed by this slot game overall and decided to rate it a 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. We weren't overly impressed by the game's graphics but did enjoy its unique theme, the powerful free spin bonus round, and the game's potential to pay huge prizes. The slot also offers a huge range of wager options which is another major benefit of playing it. It's easy to see the appeal of Fire Hawk Matriarch, the online slot game because it's rich with features, it's designed to run on most mobile devices, and it pays well. The game doesn't have as impressive of a look as newer slots, but we still recommend most gamblers give it a try.