Lucky Lagoon Slots

A lagoon can be an attractive place to be and to explore, so does that mean we are in line for a sensational slot game from Wager Gaming here? It depends what you like to see in a slot, to be honest, because this is an earlier entry into their vast collection of games.

That means there are no modern graphics, and the appearance of a purple background and very little else gives us an idea of how basic this one could be. But are there prizes to be won if we explore the Lucky Lagoon for ourselves?

Format for reels and win lines

You get five reels in Lucky Lagoon slot game, each with the typical three icons on it. You might be expecting a fair number of paylines, but you only get five.

Coin values in use

Lots of games from Wager Gaming have got plenty of coins to choose from. That makes them ideal for most players, especially since the cheapest coin is the lowest one of all – just one cent. The top value is $10, and there are many other options between those, too.

Are there special icons to look for in the Lucky Lagoon slot?

To keep things short, the answer is no. If you have played a few of the earlier games in the Wager Gaming selection of slots, you might have encountered other slots with no wild or scatter present. This one can easily be put into the same category.

You will see an assortment of symbols, most of which have a tie-in with the Lucky Lagoon theme, and there is a logo that appears here as the top-paying symbol as well. This is the most important one to remember, because if that logo appears in every position on a paid line, you will get 10,000 coins. That would be worth playing for, don’t you think?

Does this game have a bonus round?

No – all you can do here is to hope you get some decent line prizes.

Download and play the Lucky Lagoon slot game today

Lucky Lagoon is an earlier entry into the collection of games produced by Wager Gaming. They’ve created many far more exciting ones since, so this may not be the ideal title for you. But unless you give it a shot, or at least get a closer look, you never know for sure…