What Will You Find in Solomon’s Mines?

With the giveaway word mines in the title, this reveals we are prepared to play a mining-themed slot game in the hope of digging up some prizes. Will you unearth gold coins or jewels, or anything else that might bring you some coins to win?

You never know whether you are in store for a big prize or not, so give Solomon’s Mines a shot today and see whether this Wager Gaming slot is exciting enough for you.

What can you expect from the game’s reels and paylines?

This is a standard slot in terms of the layout. It has five reels and a nice number of lines to bet on, with 25 in place to try and win with on each spin.

Can you make good bets on the game?

The good thing about this slot is that it could be approached as a penny slot. This would mean playing a cent on each line to have a 25-cent overall bet. You could also play other bet amounts, going up as high as $250 for really high rollers!

Does Solomon’s Mines have special symbols?

Look out for Penelope. She pops up as the wild, and although she only crops up on the middle three reels, she can double up a prize she contributes to in a winning combination. The only symbol she cannot replace is the journal. This is a normal rule in slots, as the journal is the scatter symbol.

Can you play a bonus round?

Yes, you can, and the journal mentioned above can unlock this round for you. It is the scatter that has to be revealed three times for the bonus game to be unlocked. When this happens, you will see two vases. Crack open a vase – it will either be empty or it will contain a gem. If it’s empty, you still get a consolation prize of double the triggering bet you made. If you do reveal a gem, you will see how much it is worth by consulting the table on the right. Gems are worth between 5x and 100x your bet amount.

Download and play Solomon’s Mines slots today!

If you like free spins you won’t find any here, but the bonus game does give you something to try for. It’s related to the main game and it provides you with a nice experience you will really enjoy. Try your luck digging for gems in Solomon’s Mines today!