Double Gold Slots

There is a lot of fun and excitement with the new interactive 3D slots, slots that tell a story and slots with extensive second screen bonus games and complicated levels and options to work through.

However, sometimes players just want a classic, old-style type of slot. If you find yourself in the mood to play a classic slot, you owe it to yourself to play Double Gold slots. This more of a real casino slot experience and something that players of all ages will easily feel at home playing.

Wagering Basics

You will feel like you are at your favorite casino when you first click on the Double Gold slots game. The slot machine is right there with the ledge for the buttons to control the wager and the reels and then the reels above that followed by the paytable at the top.

You will see the wagering is adjusted by clicking the plus or minus arrows to the side of the bet button. This ranges from just a penny to up to ten dollars to set the coin value for the game. Remember, there is just one payline, but you can wager more than one coin.

Players can choose to play one, two or three coins with maximum winnings and payouts at the three coin level.

Symbols of the Classics

One the reels you will see the cherries, which pay out at one, two or three. You will also see the bars and the sevens, which are standard with the classic slots.

The difference is the Double Gold logo or symbol that is the top paying symbol at all coins level. The third coin pays 2500 coins, which is certainly something to consider.

Additionally, that same Double Gold logo will also act as the wild. When you see one used in a winning combination on the payline with two other identical symbols, you will win 2Xs the triggering wager.

When you see 2 of the Double Gold Logo symbols with one other symbol, you will win four times the amount at the triggering wager level. This is a nice change from a classic slot that typically doesn't offer those additional wilds and winning options.

For any new player or someone looking for that authentic casino experience with just a bit of an upgrade for winnings, turn to Double Gold slots. Simple yet exciting, this is a great example of how old-school is still in style.