Triple Flamin 7's Slots

For a true classic slot player, nothing can be more exciting than the idea of old school and new school coming together on a three reel, one payline slot. Triple Flamin 7's slots offers the fun of a classic slot with the wild symbols of an online video slot to make it a great option for experienced and new players alike.

One of the great things about the classic slots that are brought to the online slot casinos is the way they are made to look just like the traditional slot machines. Players literally experience pulling up a stool to a bank of slots, with a glimpse of the casino between the machines and background sound effects that are very authentic.

Getting Started

Even if you have never played an online slot before, you will quickly catch on to the rules of Triple Flamin 7's slots. To start, choose a coin amount using the plus and minus arrow keys to the bottom left of the reels.

The low wager is a penny, and the high is ten dollars. The steps in between the two are a nickel, dime, fifty cents, a dollar and five dollars. Then, once you have your coin amount choose to play one or two coins.

If you look at the paytable above the reels, you will immediately see the advantage of playing with two coins. As there is only one payline, the maximum wager is $20 while you can still play both coins for a low of two cents. The more you wager, the more you win as the paytable is in coins, so the value of the coin is important.


Winnings are automatically added to your bankroll and will be displayed on the screen. There will need to be three allowed symbols, one or two which can be a substitute or wild, across the center line to win.

The wild is the Triple Flamin 7's logo and seeing three earns the top prize with either the single coin or the two coins wager. When one of the logos is used in a winning combination, you will earn three times the prize while two will provide you with nine times the prize.

Just looking at the differences between the payouts for one or two coins makes it easy to see why experienced players always choose to play the maximum number of coins at the highest possible wager on Triple Flamin 7's slots.