Atomic Jackpot Slots

That’s an intriguing question, isn’t it? We all play online slots in the hope of winning a jackpot amount, so maybe this one will be where your luck will come in? We’re not yet sure where the atomic part of the title comes into play, but there is one way of finding out. Let’s check out this game from Wager Gaming Technology so we can see what lies in store for us here.

Format for reels and win lines

You get just one payline in Atomic Jackpot slot game, which makes it clear it will only have three reels to spin.

Coin values in use

The cheapest coin to use is worth 10 cents. You can choose a much higher one instead if you like, worth as much as $10. You can also vary the quantity of coins you want to place on the line, with between one and five a possibility here.

Are there special icons to look for in the Atomic Jackpot slot?

There are lots of symbols here, but they don’t all lead to prizes. The only one to pay out is the flask with tiny balls inside it. If you find this, you can win something in the Atomic Jackpot slot.

As you might guess, the jackpot is awarded if you should find the flask in every position on the payline. The amount won varies according to how many coins were played, so it makes sense to play with five coins if you can. That would deliver the 2,500-coin jackpot here.

Does this game have a bonus round?

No, since there is no bonus trigger. You might also have spotted we didn’t mention anything about the scatter or wild either. It’s all about that flask in this slot game.

Download and play the Atomic Jackpot slot game today

You will only win prizes here whenever you get one, two, or three flasks on the payline. That means you will focus on finding those flasks, and nothing else. It’s very simple in that respect, but it can be frustrating if you find three other matching symbols that don’t deliver a prize!

The best way to decide if you like Atomic Jackpot is to play it. You can do this quite easily to check out whether it has enough for you to be entertained for a while – even if you’re not a jackpot winner.