Mega Money Mine Slots

There’s something really exciting about the idea of heading down into a mine and searching for gold and other treasure. Mega Money Mine builds on this excitement and offers a full-featured online slot game that will keep you trying for massive prize payouts. We were impressed by the progressive jackpot on offer when looking at this slot, and did a thorough overview of the game to find out if there were any other features that we would be interested in. After lots of research we decided what we like and dislike about this slot.

Highly Limited Wagering

One of the biggest benefits of playing many advanced slot games is that you have complete control over the amount that you wager and you are free to play at a level that is comfortable for you to make sure you are maximizing your money. That’s not the case when you play Mega Money Mine. This online slot game forces you to bet $1.50 per coin wagered and that amount can’t be adjusted. That means that you can wager $1.50, $3.00 or $4.50 depending on how many coins you wager, and you want to go with three coins whenever you can. If you can’t afford those wagers, you can’t play Mega Money Mine, if they are too low for you, you probably won’t want to play the slot game.

Win with Any 7’s

Winning a small prize is pretty common with Mega Money Mine and you’ll end up winning quite often thanks in large part to 7 symbols. 7’s pay out prizes whenever you get at least one of them on the reels. These symbols will reward you with your money back for a wager when you get one of them on the single payline. If you manage to get two 7’s you’ll actually double your wager amount and increase your casino balance. Three 7 symbols is a big win in this slot game and will reward you with 300 coins per coin wagered, up to a maximum of 900 coins total.

Many Prize Opportunities

While it’s hard to look beyond the massive progressive jackpot reward that you can win while playing Mega Money Mine, there are plenty of other prizes to be won from this slot as well. If you get 7’s, golden bars, the shovel and pick or the diamond symbols you can win a decent payout. Golden bars are worth between 750 and 2250 when you get three of them, depending on the number of coins that you have wagered. 7’s are worth 300 coins per coin wagered when you get three of them on the payline of this slot. If you can get three of the shovel and pick symbols you’ll get 100 coins per coin wagered, and three of the diamonds will leave you with 80 coins per coin wagered. No matter which of the symbols you complete, you’ll enjoy a handsome payout from this slot game.

An Entertaining Classic Slot

Mega Money Mine is one of the most entertaining classic slot games that we’ve ever tested because it makes use of many different features that are designed to maximize fun. The slot packs in a huge progressive jackpot that gives you a major win to look forward to, even though you can only risk a maximum of $4.50 per spin. The slot also offers many small wins through the scatter like 7’s, which means that you’ll get to enjoy wins more frequently while playing this slot game. Between those two features and the excellent design of the slot, there is a lot to like about Mega Money Mine.

Win a Massive Jackpot Payout

Mega Money Mine is a stunning online slot game largely because of the huge progressive jackpot that it has to offer. When you play this slot game you can win massive amounts of money with a very small wager, and that excites a lot of players. The only thing is, that it’s pretty difficult to win this jackpot payout. You need to get three of the special jackpot symbols in order to win the huge progressive jackpot. The jackpot is usually hundreds of thousands of dollars in size and it grows each time someone spins the reels of this slot game. You can get between 15%, 30% or 100% of the total jackpot amount depending on how many coins you have wagered when you spin the reels. That’s why it’s important to wager three coins when you play whenever possible. That gives you a chance at the full jackpot amount, an amount that you simply can’t get with most other classic slot games offered today.

We love the huge jackpot potential that comes along with playing Mega Money Mine slot, and most gamblers are going to be excited to try the slot out just for that reason. With that said, there are some drawbacks to playing this slot game as well. we think that many gamblers will be disappointed with the lack of choices when it comes to the wagering level that you play at. You are forced to wager $1.50 per coin while playing this slot, which means that you will either be spending too much or too little while playing the game most of the time. If you can get past the restrictive wagering requirements, there are lots of features and cool benefits to playing Mega Money Mine.