Wheel of Chance 3 reel Slots

If you have played the Wheel of Chance 5 Reel slots, then you have a good idea of the fun and winning possibilities offered by the Wheel of Chance 3 Reel slots. This is a classic version of the five reel game, but it offers multipliers, wilds and a bonus game that is an upgrade from a traditional three reel slot.

Playing the Game

Anyone who has played slots at a casino or that has experience with online classic play will immediately recognize the format of this slot game. For those new to three reel online slots, play will just take a few seconds to get started.

This is a three reel, one payline slot. Groups of three symbols that are alike, or some that are combinations, will pay out as per the paytable to the top of the reels.

Wager Amounts

Wagering on Wheel of Chance 3 Reel slots ranges from a low coin of just a penny to up to ten dollars. Players can choose to play one, two or three coins so the low bet is just a penny while the highest wager is thirty dollars per spin.

Wagering amounts and number of coins can be adjusted before any spin. This is simply done by using the plus and minus arrow keys to adjust the coin value and the bet one button to change the number of coins wagered.

On the Reels

The reels of this classic slot have the standard cherries, bars and sevens. Cherries and bars pay out in various combinations. Diamonds are the highest paying symbol and, when playing three coins, they also act as the wild.

The wild diamond, when used in a winning combination, will increase your winnings by two times with one or four times when you see two on the payline. In addition, that third coin also brings up the bonus wheel symbol. When you see the bonus reel on reel three, you will be taken to a second screen.

Bonus Wheel Feature

Just like in the TV game show Wheel of Fortune, spinning the bonus wheel gives players the opportunity to win additional prizes. With the right spin, you can win up to $1000 dollar, which is certainly a great fortune. During the spins, you can continue or choose to collect, which adds an element of strategy into the game.

Playing Wheel of Chance 3 Reel slots is an upgrade from a traditional classic slot. The bonus wheel game adds more excitement as well as winning opportunities.